Booze Cruise! Celebs Just Need To Slap Their Name On A Bottle Of Tequila, Gin Or Cognac, Then Set Sail On A Tidal Wave Of Cash.

If being an A-list celebrity wasn’t a good enough way to get through life, the influx of spirit and liquor brands owned by big name stars in sports and entertainment has made it sound even more appealing.  Forget about tentpole movie franchises.  Those take actual work on set.  You have to memorize lines, and maybe even lose 30 pounds to get ready for a role.  The easier way to riches is slap a unique name on a bottle of booze and watch the millions (or billions) roll in.  Why get your face smashed in for $10 million when you can sell your Irish Whiskey line for $600 million?  That’s what Conor McGregor learned this week, and he’s just the latest in a long line of celebs who are cashing in on cocktail mixers.  Here’s 6 of the best…

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