Caught On Tape? Video Of Ballot Counting In Georgia Reveals Almost Certain Fraud.

Workers sort and stack ballots in preparation for scanning as the presidential recount process gets under way Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020 in the DeKalb County city of Lithonia, Ga. (AP Photo/Ben Gray)

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp finally seems to have been swayed that voter fraud did happen in his state after video footage was released that allegedly showed Fulton County Georgia poll workers pulling suitcases full of ballots out after sending poll workers home for the night.

A private security firm from within Atlanta’s State Farm Arena provided the surveillance video to Trump campaign lawyers late Wednesday evening. The video shows suitcases being pulled out from beneath a table covered with a black tablecloth. The suitcases are believed to have held thousands of ballots, which were then counted. Poll workers at the arena had been sent home before the suitcases were removed and the ballots from within those suitcases were supposedly counted.

In response to the video, Gov. Kemp is calling for a signature audit. The power to institute a signature audit rests with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis responded to Kemp’s comments by pointing out in a tweet that “@TrumpTeam requested signature verification FIVE TIMES.”

President Trump has maintained all along that a signature verification audit would completely change the outcome of the election in Georgia and possibly even eliminate the need for a runoff election for the Senate seats. On Tuesday of this week, Trump tweeted a message to Gov. Kemp that read, “Do something @BrianKempGA. You allowed your state to be scammed. We must check signatures and count signed envelopes against ballots. Then call off election. It won’t be needed. We will all WIN!”

Now, just a couple days later it’s looking like Kemp is finally convinced that Trump may be on to something.

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