“I’m In.” Caitlyn Jenner Is Running For Governor In California, With The Goal Of Dumping Gavin Newsom And Saving The Golden State!

Caitlyn Jenner accepts the Arthur Ashe award for courage at the ESPY Awards at the Microsoft Theater on Wednesday, July 15, 2015, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

It’s going to be a fun and exciting next few months in California!

Caitlyn Jenner made it official!  The reality star, former Olympic gold medalist, step-father of Kim Kardashian and father of Kylie and Kendall Jenner, has officially announced that he is running for Governor of California. 

“I’m in! California is worth fighting for,” Jenner tweeted Friday morning. She will run as a Republican.

Jenner has already filed the necessary paperwork, and to prove her seriousness, she has included in her inner circle several well-known Republican strategists who know how to put together winning campaigns. 

The level of un-satisfaction in the state of California over the performance of Gavin Newsom is palpable.  He will face an all-but-certain recall election this fall, as well over 1.5 million Californians, Democrats and Republicans alike, have signed the petition to try to remove Newsom for  his series of missteps and blunders during the pandemic. 

Jenner has said she has been a Republican her entire adult life, and this will be her first foray into politics. She has been a transgender rights activist and reality star, and 45 years ago she was considered the greatest athlete in the world, winning gold at the Montreal Summer Olympics in the Decathlon when she was Bruce Jenner. 

She has put the Democratic Party in California in her crosshairs, posting this on her website. 

“California has been my home for nearly 50 years. I came here because I knew that anyone, regardless of their background or station in life, could turn their dreams into reality. But for the past decade, we have seen the glimmer o the Golden State reduced by one-party rule that places politics over progress and special interests over people. Sacrament needs an honest leader with a clear vision. 

In a Public Policy Institute of California survey released last month, 56% of those pooled said they would vote to keep Newsom in office.  

If Newsom is placing a lot of stock in that poll as an indication that he is not in trouble, he would be making a huge mistake. Very few Democrats would admit to a pollster that they would not not vote for Newsom, and Newsom’s actions the past year have led to a very large number of traditional Democrat’s to bail on supporting him. Plus, that poll was taken well before Jenner announced she’s running. 

Jenner will be trying to do what another  world famous personality Arnold Schwarzenegger did in 2003, oust a sitting Democratic Governor in a recall election.  

It’s going to be exciting, bizarre, and the opposite of boring in California for the next six months or so. 


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