Breaking News. Boston News Anchor Gets Canned For Tiny Role in Adam Sandler Movie

A morning news anchor in Boston is making headlines of her own after being fired for appearing in Adam Sandler’s new film “Hubie Halloween.” 

While many in Hollywood may claim their careers suffered after appearing in an Adam Sandler vehicle, Alaina Pinto actually lost her job. The now-former anchor at WHDH-TV 7, the CW affiliate in Boston, claimed in a statement that she “mistakenly violated my contract” by appearing in “Hubie Halloween.”

The Netflix film stars Sandler, who plays a character who is mocked by kids and adults alike in his hometown of Salem, Massachusetts, but rises to the occasion just in time to save Halloween.

In an inevitable plot point, the script calls for a news anchor to appear briefly to add some degree of cinematic credibility to the far-fetched story that is unfolding. That role was played adeptly by the young Pinto, who appeared on screen in a Harley Quinn costume. Pinto’s character discusses Salem’s upcoming Halloween festivities during her brief cameo and then goes on to deliver this memorable line to another castmate:

“Tracy, you went with Harley Quinn, too?”

Apparently, that was all station management needed to hear. They cut ties with the anchor, who had been at channel 7 News for the last four years, citing contract violations. Seems news managers in Massachusetts found nothing funny in Pinto’s appearance.

In a related story, critics found nothing funny in the entire movie.

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