Did Bill Gates Actually Say Something Optimistic About Covid? Billionaire Claims It Could Be An Endemic Soon, Just Like The Flu. 

Say this about Bill Gates; when he is in the news, it becomes a big deal, and when the topic is COVID, the message from Gates is usually depressing and pessimistic. It just seems to be the way he communicates. 

But maybe with his newfound single status, he’s feeling more upbeat because he made comments this week that were actually optimistic in tone, a rarity for him. 

The former Microsoft CEO was doing a Twitter Q&A with the chair of global health at Edinburgh University when he let loose this prediction. 

“Once Omicron goes through a country, then the rest of the year should see far fewer cases. So COVID can be treated more like seasonal flu.”

No talk of more government lockdowns or the need to wear four masks simultaneously while you’re washing your hands for the 13th time in an hour? 

The combo of the higher vaccination rate in the U.S., which is currently at 62.6% of the population, coupled with the natural immunity offered from catching and surviving COVID, means we should be transitioning into COVID being knowns as an endemic. 

The spike, which seems to have affected everyone in the U.S. in some way, is expected to peak by the end of this month, and the science is showing signs we’ve already passed the peak. 


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