Biebs Is In The House! Justin Bieber Rocks Sneakers During Impromptu Meeting With The French Prez. 

Justin Bieber has come a long way from crooning ballads on his guitar from his mom’s Toronto apartment. The mega star pop sensation has the world at his fingertips now, and when you got that kind of clout, you might as well use it when you can. 

Biebs and his bride Hailey Bieber were in Paris Monday. A lot of American tourists would visit the Eiffel Tower, browse some shops on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, order some steak-frites for lunch at a bistro  and call it a day. 

Not Bieber, who reached out to French President Emmanuel Macron to see if he could swing by. 

Since it was Fete de la musique in Paris, aka, Music Day, the President told Bieber and his wife to come on by. 

Macron’s wife Birgitte Macron joined the impromptu meeting, and they all looked stunning as they posed for official photographs. 

Word is Bieber and Macron discussed issues related to youth, and Justin has French Canadian ancestry in his bloodline, and has showcased his French speaking skills in the past, so they should have been able to communicate fairly well. 

It was a cool moment to behold, and proof that it’s impossible to say no to the Biebs no matter what continent, country or time zone you are in. 

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