Apple Is Years Away From Marketing Their Own Car But The Tech Giant Found A Different Way To Make Another Small Fortune In The Auto Industry.

It’s bad enough that gas prices are higher than ever; what makes it worse is pumping the gas and watching the digital number with the dollar sign in front of it go higher and higher and higher. It slams home the fact of how much this is costing you. 

Well, this won’t lower what you’re paying to fill your tank, but you at least won’t have to be a witness to the rising numbers.  Apple has updated its CarPlay software to allow drivers to buy their gas directly from the pump. 

They will not have to insert their credit or debit card and answer the question of whether they want a car wash or now. 

According to Apple, this software update will be ready this fall.  HF Sinclair, a big-time gas manufacturer, said they would use this technology offered by Apple.  If you’re wondering if you can pay for your gas this way, only 2% of new cars do not have ApplePlay. 

There has been so much speculation as to whom Apple will eventually partner with to build and sell their own version of an electric car, but that seems to be many years away.  In the meantime, the company is sitting on another gold mine, experts feel. 

Horace Dediu is the founder of Micromobility Industries, and he told Reuters this. 

“Forget about Apple Car—Apple CarPlay is a bigger deal.”

Why stop listening to your Apple podcast when you can stay inside your car and pay for your gas with Apple CarPlay?

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