Anti-Capitalism Protestor Makes Fool Of Himself. He Slips And Falls Trying To Climb JPMorgan Chase Bank Building.

This Oct. 7, 2010 photograph shows the Chase bank in San Francisco. JPMorgan Chase said Wednesday, Oct. 13, its third-quarter profit jumped 23 percent as the company was able to set aside less money to cover loan losses. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

When anti-capitalism protesting goes bad: Episode, oh, about 10,000?

A man who decided to double down, apparently, on the protesting he and colleagues had begun on safe ground, tried to climb the outside of the JPMorgan Chase Bank headquarters in New York City.

It didn’t engender the desired response.

The guy slipped and fell. The only protest at that point probably became shouts of pain as he landed with a thud.

JPMorgan Chase, on the other hand, is doubling down on expanding its empire, building a huge, $3 billion new base on Park Avenue set to open in 2024.

This particular rally against capitalism, apparently, ramped up late Friday afternoon, and video captured the climb and the frightening fall. 

The excitement, at Madison Avenue and 46th Street, included group chanting, drum beats and another man spray-painting the building.

In footage taken by FreedomNews.TV and posted to Twitter, a man was heard telling the climber to get down. Undeterred, the climber tried to reach the metal awning over the entrance.

He didn’t succeed, falling and landing on his side.

First responders then arrived on the scene to render aid to the protester. 

The New York City Fire Department said he was taken to the hospital. His condition wasn’t clear.

Chase is CEO Jamie Dimon announced the big company’s plans in October.

“We’re building that headquarters for 50 years!” he said during a call with reporters at the time, after posting quarterly results. “It is not a short-term decision.”

The project will be home to about 14,000 employees.

At 1,425 feet, it would be the second-tallest office building in Manhattan behind One World Trade Center, nearly 200 feet higher than the Empire State Building.

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