Anonymous Posts An Ominous And Threatening Video Accusing Elon Musk Of Ruining Millions Of Lives And Manipulating The Crypto Market. They Warn Him To “Expect Us.”

Bitcoin 2021 is underway in Miami this weekend, with over 50,000 people expected to attend from around the world, including keynote speakers Jack Dorsey and Bitcoin pioneer Nick Szabo. 

One of the biggest stories buzzing the corridors of the Mana Convention Center though is the video released by Anonymous, the activist/hacktivist group know for their cyber attacks against government agencies, corporations they find fault with, and even the Church of Scientology. 

Add a new target currently in their crosshairs; Elon Musk. 

Anonymous released an ominous, highly-produced, 3:45 video on Saturday, which ended with a chilling warning to Musk.

The video begins with a lightning and thunder sound effect, followed by the appearance of a mask-clad Anonymous member addressing the citizens of the world about a message concerning Elon Musk.

The video accuses Musk of being “just another narcissistic rich dude who is desperate for attention.”

The video follows with the voice over saying “It appears your quest to save the world is more rooted in a superiority and savior complex than it is in actual concern for humanity.”

The video accused Musk have having young children working in Tesla’s overseas lithium mines, the destruction of the environment t, and pointed out their belief that Musk has been “open about his willingness to stage coups in order to install dictators in places where your toxic products are being mined.”

The video mocks Musks’s space exploration desires, his description of himself as the “emperor of Mars,” who will be sending people to a place they will die. 

The video’s main point of contention is what Anonymous perceives as Musk’s manipulation of the cryptocurrency market through his social media posts. Anonymous accuses Musk of ruining millions of lives of average investors who knew there were risks in the crypto market but are victims of Musk’s irresponsibility. 

It was a targeted, personal, attack that clearly segued into a threat that there will be additional action taken. The voice over pointed out that Tesla’s biggest form of revenue comes from Government energy subsidies, and not through the sale of Teslas, and that Musk flip flopped on his support of Bitcoin when there was pushback to the energy costs of mining it. 

The video concludes with a crescendo of the dramatic soundtrack in the background, and these final words. 

“You may think you are the smartest person in the room, but now you have met your match. 

We are Anonymous. We are Legion! Expect us.”

So far Musk hasn’t replied or referenced the video on any social media posts as of 2:30 PM Eastern on Saturday. 

The rest of the Bitcoin 2021 convention should be exciting!

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