No Diva, No Problem. An Adele Look-Alike Did What The Star Refused To Do; Perform In Vegas. 

Is it me, or has Adele changed? 

Not just her physical look ever since she discovered cardio, but when she burst on the scene a decade ago, she probably would have been grateful to have a Las Vegas residency, with the paycheck of $650,000 per show that came with it and dressing room the size of a 5-bedroom rambler in Kansas City. 

The show must go on, so the producers of the longest-running show in Vegas came up with a killer idea.  They hired an Adele impersonator to perform, and the best part is they offered free tickets for all of the Adele fans who were blindsided when she bailed on them with her “Weekends with Adele” residency.

“Legendary Divas” is the name of the production, and starring as Adele is look-alike Janae Long, who looks like Adele and sounds like her too, according to all accounts. 

The show is nightly at the Tropicana, according to a TMZ story, and a Joan Rivers impersonator emcees the festivities that include tributes to Lady Gaga, Cher, and Celine Dion. 

Who knows, maybe the doppelgänger can take the show on the road and spare Adele from having to make further tearful apologies on social media when she stiffs her fans. 

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