A Very Odd Mix Of Politics And Entertainment: Joe Biden Is Considering Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger To Become Ambassador Of China.

It might not be politics as usual when your breaking U.S. government news is coming from The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

The Hollywood Reporter broke that Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger and film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg are being considered for ambassador roles in President Joe Biden’s administration.

Iger, who considered running for president this year, is a favorite to become the U.S. ambassador to China or the United Kingdom, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s sources. Disney is a major player in China, but the role with either country would make Iger, 69, a key diplomat for ongoing trade negotiations.

Iger stepped down from Disney CEO to executive chairman on Feb. 25. He has been with Disney for 25 years and is under contract through 2021.

Katzenberg was Disney chairman from 1984 to 1994, but his potential ambassador role was not specified. The Biden transition team emailed The Hollywood Reporter that the discussion was “premature.”

Another ambassadorship with a Disney tie could be with producer Matt Walden, husband of Walt Disney Television Entertainment Chairman Dana Walden. The Hollywood Reporter said he could land a European ambassador role.

Public records show that Iger donated $250,00 to the Biden Victory Fund, with Katzenberg giving $617,800 to that fund.

You’ve traditionally seen those who raise bundles get ambassadorships,” Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen said. “And everyone wants to go to the Court of St. James (the U.K. post). Unlike the people Trump put up, these people will be more credible.”

As long as it does not turn into a Mickey Mouse operation.

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