A Moving Story. Zillow Releases Data That Shows A Huge Increase In Americans Packing Up And Heading Somewhere Else.

This Monday, April 23, 2018, photo shows a "Sold" sign in front of a home in Jackson, Miss. On Thursday, April 26, Freddie Mac reports on the week’s average U.S. mortgage rates. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Americans are on the move. That not an opinion, it’s what Zillow discovered after a recent survey, and the movement in this country is going to be so dramatic Zillow claims it will be known to future generations a the “Great Reshuffling.”

10% of Americans polled in the survey said they have moved in the past year, either because they chose to or had to. 

Zillow said that’s just the beginning, as millions of households are expected to enter the housing market in 2021. 

The researchers data revealed that roughly 75% of the people who moved in the past year did it to be closer to friends or family, or wanting to be in a desired part of the country. 

The Great Reshuffling will be fueled by the fact that working at home became normal in the past 12 months, which has allowed more people to live where they choose to. 

The research indicated an increase in people moving to the South, with cities like Phoenix, Austin, Texas, and Charlotte all reporting big numbers of people moving in. 

There were four markets that Zillow identified as having the largest increase in for-sale inventory. Those are Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and San Francisco. 

Zillow researchers got personal on some of the questions in the survey, and they were able to determine that 54% of Americans said they experienced happiness from their recent move. 

54% polled said they had a feeling of relief. 80% of the people in the survey said they made the right decision by making the move in the past year. 

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