A Huge Piece Of Chinese Space Junk Will Land On Earth This Weekend. Don’t Worry, You Don’t Need To Wear A Helmet. 

Have you heard about the large piece of a rocket that launched China’s space station into orbit?

Yeah, it’s falling back onto earth this weekend, and we really don’t know exactly where, or when it’s going to make impact.  

Gosh, we just are starting to feel good about getting out of the pandemic, and now we’ve got space garbage ready to take us out. 

Actually, you should be just fine, although this 100-foot long object will go down as one of the biggest pieces of space debris to fall to earth. Ever. 

The odds of it hitting land is very slim, it should crash into an ocean or sea, but just in case, the U.S. Department of Defense is seeing a good eye on it, tracking it as it makes it’s plunge through space. 

If you want to follow along with the U.S. Space Command 18th Space Control Squadron, shows mission it is to track its location, you can do that at www.space-track.org

Here’s some more info on this pice of debris which is called the Chinese Long March 5B.  The latest data shows it could be crashing onto the earth’s surface Sunday, but the experts aren’t 100% sure of that.  What they do know is this piece of Chinese rocket junk is traveling 17,000 mph and orbiting the earth almost every 90 minutes.

A group called the Aerospace Corp. is also tracking the flying junk, and expects it to hit the Pacific Ocean near the Equator after lapping the Eastern part of the U.S. a few times. 

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