True Madness! What Happens When Un-Scientific Ways Are Used To Pick A Winner In Monday’s National Championship Game?

Tonight’s showdown of top-ranked powerhouses Gonzaga and Baylor in the NCAA Tournament championship game should have been a rematch. 

The two teams were scheduled to play Dec. 5, but Baylor had to pull out of the game because of COVID issues. 

There’s no place to hide tonight in Indianapolis, the game game will feature the two best teams in college hoops, no question, and one of them will win their first national championship in men’s basketball. 

So, who will it be?

Gonzaga has at least played in one tight game heading into the title showdown.  That was Saturday night, when the Zags beat UCLA in one of the most thrilling games in Final Four history, 93-90 in overtime. 

The closest an opponent could come to Baylor so far in the tournament is 11 points. 

Gonzaga is trying to do more than win a title, they are trying to make history, and become the first team since Indiana in 1976 to go undefeated. 

Both teams feature incredible talent, depth and coaching, so how can you decide a winner?

Let’s do what many people do when they select winners in their NCAA Tournament bracket at the beginning of March Madness. 

One thing sports novices will do will base their pick on the mascot.  In this case it’s a Zag from Gonzalez versus a Baylor Bear.  Please, that’s easy, I don’t know what the heck a Zag is, but that’s good enough for me to go with Gonzaga. 

The second  thing people who can’t make up their mind will do is flip a coin. 

Again, what it lacks in being based on any basketball-related data, it makes up for in dramatics. 

Since Gonzaga has the better record, they can be heads.  Baylor is Tails. 

Dramatic, huh?

Okay.  It’s heads. Look for Gonzaga to cut the nets tonight in Indy. They’ve come too far to not finish the job. If I’m right with this prediction, I’ll be available for hire during the football season. 




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