According To Twitter, “Zach Wilson’s Mom, Has Got It Going On!” Controversy In New York, As Radio Host Asks New Jets QB About His Mom’s Looks.

The NFL is so popular, and so much more relevant and big than any other sport in the U.S. that even the NFL Draft dominates the sports scene for weeks before and days after it is concluded. 

Which means interesting little sidebar nuggets can turn into huge story lines and trend on Twitter for hours on end. 

Which is exactly what happened this week, with the New York Jets selection of quarterback Zach Wilson with the second pick in the draft. 

The hotshot QB from Brigham Young was completely overshadowed by what happened Thursday night. 

Zach’s mom was at the draft in New York to offer her support, and she caught the eye of cameras and the attention of the nation because of how young and attractive she looked. 

Social media took off with it Thursday night, and then on Friday, WFAN Radio host Craig Carton of the “Carton and Roberts” show was interviewing Wilson about becoming the face of the Jets franchise, when Carton asked him about another face.  His mother’s. 

Here’s how the convo went down. ““Your mom has become the lead story. And I say that respectfully because people are like, ‘the star of the first round of the draft is Mrs. Wilson because she’s a very attractive woman.’

“And I’m just wondering how awkward that is for you, that you just got picked second overall in the draft, and the focus is, wow, his mom is really hot. I’m sure you’ve dealt with this your whole life, but now it’s playing out on Broadway. How awkward is that for you?”

Zack Wilson responded with this. “Yeah, it’s not my favorite for sure.  like to keep her out of the spotlight. She’s an awesome lady and I love having her support.”

Carton put a bow on the topic by saying, “I respect that … And I had to bring it up.”

Seems innocent when you read the transcript, because it was far from scandalous.

Of course, cue the outrage on social media, as Carton got blasted for asking the question that was literally the elephant in the room after all the attention it received on Thursday. 

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