You Think Politics In Our Country Is Out Of Control? At Least Biden And Trump Aren’t Having Orgy’s With Two Dozen Other People Like This Goof In Hungary!!

Throughout the last year it has become abundantly clear that when it comes to politicians, their hypocrisy knows no bounds. A Hungarian politician is the latest example of someone in power playing the hypocrite role after being caught fleeing a 25-man orgy. The politician had previously played a role in crackdowns on LGBTQ rights in Hungary.

József Szájer, a member of the European Parliament representing Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party, has resigned from his position after being captured fleeing out a window from a party described as a 25-man orgy. The event took place in Brussels, where the European Parliament meets. A local newspaper quoted a police source saying, “We interrupted a gang bang.”

Belgium has very strict lockdown rules in place, and more than two dozen naked men engaging in sex acts doesn’t exactly follow social-distancing or lockdown guidelines. Other diplomats who invoked diplomatic immunity were also in attendance.

Szájer apologized for violating the coronavirus lockdowns in his resignation, saying, “I deeply regret for violating the COVID restrictions, it was irresponsible on my part. I am ready to stand for the fine that occurs.”

Szájer is married to Tunde Hando, a justice on Hungary’s Constitutional Court. The 59-year-old has played a key role in what critics call Hungary’s anti-LGBTQ stance.

Authorities also said that narcotics had been found in Szájer’s bag. Szájer has insisted he did not take drugs and had “no knowledge” of the ecstasy pill found in his backpack.

There hasn’t been any word from Szájer on his future plans now that he has resigned, but a trip to the hair salon with Nancy Pelosi and dinner at the French Laundry with Gavin Newsom may still be on his COVID-19 lockdown checklist.

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