You Might Be Required To Carry On A Negative COVID Test Result For Your Next Trip On A U.S. Airline.

Airlines are trying to stay in front of state travel restrictions that are ever-changing, and that means providing easy ways for travelers to prove they have a negative COVID-19 test if required.

For passengers flying to places like Hawaii, New York and the British Virgin Islands, it’s not uncommon that negative tests are part of their carry on luggage.

If you are flying on American Airlines to the Caribbean or London, American Airlines offers preflight COVID-19 testing, and the airline offers at-home testing for customers  traveling to any U.S. destination that requires it.

For Delta customers flying from Atlanta to Amsterdam and Rome, the airline has two pre-flight testing pilot programs, which would allow travelers to certain cities in Europe to skip quarantine when they arrive. For flyers on their way to Italy, they must take a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of their departure, take a rapid test before boarding their plane, and then another test when the arrive in Italy.

Hawaii is always a popular destination around the Holidays, but for anyone heading to the Islands now, Hawaiian Airlines offers all kinds of testing options for their customers, including at-home saliva tests and drive-thru testing sites in western cities like L.A., San Francisco and Las Vegas. The tests cost between $90-$120 depending on the location, but Hawaiian Airlines allows loyalty program members to swap 14,000 frequent flyer miles for a mail-in test kit.

JetBlue, United and Spirit Airlines all have their own testing requirements and offers, so make sure you check what is required before taking off this winter.

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