Wonderful News For Couch Potatoes: Scientists Are Closer To Creating “Exercise In A Pill!”

Do you hate going to the gym?  Are you too busy to go to the health club?  Are you just too damn lazy to do any sort of workout?  Wow, scientists at Baylor College of Medicine and Stanford School of Medicine might have something for you in the near future. 

Researchers at those schools are collaborating on a project where they have identified a molecule in the blood that is produced during exercise. Here’s the great news for couch potatoes; it has been effective in reducing food intake and obesity in mice, and it is allowing scientists to understand the processes related to exercise and hunger. 

So we might not be too far off where a pill is available that will recreate the results of that molecule. 

Here’s a quote in the Baylor College of Medicine Journal from Dr. Yong Xu, professor of pediatrics nutrition and molecular and cellular biology. 

“Regular exercise has been proven to help weight loss and regulate appetite. If we can understand the mechanism by which exercise triggers these benefits, then we are closer to helping many people improve their health.”

Dr. Jonathon Long of Stanford chipped in with this.

“We wanted to understand how exercise works at the molecular level to be able to capture some of its benefits. For example, older or frail people who cannot exercise enough may one day benefit from taking a medication that can help slow down osteoporosis, heart disease, or other conditions.”

Work from home in your pajamas and get your workout in while lying on your couch watching Hulu?  Sounds like heaven for millions of people. 

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