With Friends Like These,,, Long-Time Trump Bud Rupert Murdoch Predicts Blowout For “Sleepy Joe”

News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch speaks during a forum on The Economics and Politics of Immigration where Murdoch and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke to a business organization In Boston, Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012. (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds)

It really does not bode well for President Donald Trump in the election when one of his early presidential confidants, Rupert Murdoch, is reportedly predicting a lopsided defeat to Joe Biden.

The Daily Beast reported that Murdoch, the conservative media billionaire who founded Fox News, believes that Biden will defeat Trump in a landslide presidential election, citing three sources who spoke to Murdoch.

The pair reportedly have not talked for several weeks due to a falling out, which Vanity Fair reported began when Trump called Murdoch to complain about unfavorable Fox News coverage and polling.

Sources told the Daily Beast that Murdoch considers Trump to be his own worst enemy and is bothered that he has ignored advice about how to handle the coronavirus pandemic.

“After all that has gone on, people are ready for Sleepy Joe,” Murdoch was quoted as saying to associates.

When asked about the report, Murdoch emailed the Daily Beast to say, “No comment, except I’ve never called Trump an idiot.” Not exactly a blanket denial for anything else.

On the same day as the Daily Beast report, Trump dialed up a Fox News outlet and criticized Fox anchor Chris Wallace to Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney.

“(Biden) was choking,” Trump said of the first presidential debate, which Wallace moderated. “He couldn’t answer those questions. Chris Wallace protected him.”

In 2015, Murdoch tweeted, “When is Donald Trump going to stop embarrassing his friends, let alone the whole country?” Once Trump became president, the relationship improved to the point of regular contact and visits.

Murdoch helped start the train and rode it for a while, but he should be careful about jumping off at his age.

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