Whoops! Man Arrested Because His Facebook Marketplace Ad For A Catalytic Converter Also Featured His Bag Of Meth.

Attention all low IQ drug dealers.  If you’re looking to make some money on a side hustle and it involves selling things on the internet, you might want to have an extra set of eyes on any photos you use to market the product you are looking to sell. 

Just ask James Kertz of Missouri, who is going to learn that lesson the hard way. 

Kertz was trying to sell a catalytic converter online, so he took a photo of the automobile part and attached to to his ad on Facebook Marketplace.

The mistake Kertz made was having a bag of meth, and a syringe evident in the photo of the catalytic converter.  It was clear as day in the photo, and that is something local law enforcement officials frown upon. 

Stone County Sheriffs got a tip from someone as soon as the ad hit Facebook, and Kertz was arrested. 

Here’s a quote from Stone County Sheriff Doug Radar. 

“Apparently he must have been under the influence because in the background of his picture he posted, he left his large bag of meth and syringe on the coffee table.”

When authorities arrived who a search warrant, they found all kinds of things, including 48 grams of meth and a gun Kertz wasn’t legally allowed to carry. 

His in jail without bond.  

No word if the catalytic converter is still for sale. 

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