Who Needs College! LaMelo Ball Gets $330K Rolls Royce And A Big Party To Celebrate Being Drafted By Charlotte.

LaVar Ball spent Wednesday night choosing luxury over lockdown at his family’s compound in Chino Hills, Calif. The son of LaVar, LaMelo Ball, was drafted with the third overall pick in the NBA Draft on Wednesday night by the Charlotte Hornets.

ESPN’s Tim Keown was in attendance for the party, where most guests appeared to be wearing masks. Keown also said temperatures were checked, waivers were signed and hand sanitizer was offered to all in attendance.

Due to COVID-19, this year’s NBA draft was a virtual experience with the draft prospects staying home. For the Ball family, that meant a reason to throw a massive, over-the-top party that will most likely end up in a reality show of theirs at some point.

Prior to the draft starting, LaMelo received a $330,000 Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV as an apparent draft-day gift. Once the draft began, LeMelo was selected third overall by the Hornets, a team owned by Michael Jordan. The same Michael Jordan that LaVar Ball had previously said he could beat in a one-on-one showdown. Following the pick, LaVar told those in attendance “Tell MJ: Here we come! Tell MJ we’re coming!”

LaMelo’s brother, Lonzo Ball, was selected second overall by the Los Angeles Lakers three years ago, and with LaMelo’s selection at number three, they become the first set of brothers to both be selected in the top-three picks of an NBA draft.

Keown estimated about 250 guests were at the party. We know how much Gov. Newsom loves attending parties in his home state but so far, no photos of him have surfaced at this party.

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