WHO Knew? Tucker Carlson Said Coronavirus Details Are Riddled With Lies & Deception.

While most of the country continues to discuss the possibility of voter fraud, Tucker Carlson focused his attention on a more global fraud, the one that has decimated economies, ruined lives and affected virtually everything in 2020. As Carlson put it, “We speak, of course, of the coronavirus pandemic. Simply put, we’ve been lied to.”

Carlson, a Fox News talk show host, pointed to evidence from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who released a report on Monday that showed researchers had “tested 39 blood samples from California, Washington and Oregon that were collected between Dec. 13 and Dec. 16, 2019. At the time, no one in the U.S. had heard of COVID-19. The Chinese government didn’t even acknowledge its existence until Dec. 31. And yet, every one of those samples came back positive for coronavirus antibodies,” Carlson pointed out.

Carlson also called out the media and Twitter for helping to distribute untrue propaganda from the World Health Organization (WHO) that credited China with helping to control the virus when in fact, Beijing was doing the exact opposite.

“That was yet another dangerous lie that unquestionably cost American lives, but Twitter didn’t fact check that either. Instead, the American media dutifully amplified the message. They told us anyone who suggested this thoroughly Chinese virus came from China was, by definition, a racist,” Carlson noted.

Donald Trump called out the WHO and the Chinese government from the initial days of this virus and was attacked relentlessly, but now a trove of leaked documents show how horribly China handled the pandemic in the early days and how the WHO covered for the communist country by praising them for their “sense of a collective responsibility” in controlling the virus. The leaked files prove President Trump was correct and that the WHO was peddling Chinese government propaganda.

As Carlson concluded, he pointed to the fact that so much is still unknown about the virus and how the media and our elected officials have failed us saying, “We’re still are not even close to knowing what really happened. We should find out.”

Carlson’s correct, we should find out. Unfortunately, the majority of our media in the U.S. seems to be more concerned with which cat the Bidens are going to be getting when they move into the White House.

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