Where’s The Party? Almost Nowhere, As Companies Cut Way, Way, Way Back On Holiday Office Parties.

Forget spiking the eggnog bowl, wearing light-up antlers and seeing the bosses let their guards down. The holiday party is the latest culture cancellation.

With the dangers of crowding amid a coronavirus pandemic and the increase in work-at-home employees, a survey shows that only 23% of companies are planning to stage year-end holiday celebrations this year. And it seems like you can trust holiday party intelligence from a firm called Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

And this survey happened in October.

In a survey of 189 human resources representatives, two said their companies will hold an in-person party without precautions. It sounds like a couple parties will be sending people home with more than a gift.

With only 23% of the companies planning a holiday party, the results are nearly a complete flip from last year, when 76% of companies planned to stage holiday parties.

“It’s difficult to celebrate and implement all the precautions needed to keep everyone safe,” said Challenger, Gray & Christmas Senior Vice President Andrew Challenger. “The last thing any employer wants is an outbreak due to their year-end party.”

For those hosting parties, the vast majority will be requiring masks, emphasizing social distancing and conducting temperature checks.

Beyond the health concerns, some strapped companies no longer can afford the holiday party.

Of those who are employed, many may be experiencing survivor syndrome or are dealing with other energy- and morale-sapping issues at home,” Challenger said. “It is imperative that companies look for ways to celebrate their employees.

“Unfortunately, the traditional, in-person, indoor event is likely not the way to celebrate your workforce in 2020.”

Try an app such as Houseparty or something creative via Zoom with your preferred invitees. (Here comes Karen! Quick, hide this story!)

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