What’s The Next Unconquered Space In NFT’s? High Fashion.

The ‘F’ in NFT might soon also stand for ‘fashion.’ 

Gucci is just one of the luxury fashion brands who are close to launching NFT’s. 

According to a story in Vogue Business, Gucci confirmed that it’s just a “matter of time” before they release an NFT.

Neuno is the fashion collectible platform leading the way, and they are currently working with five luxury fashion brands. 

Natalie Johnson, the CEO of Neuvo told Vogue Business “we want to be the universal 3D wardrobe that plugs into everything. For example, imagine if somebody bought the iconic J Lo Versace dress on our site.”

NFT’s continue to be red hot hot. An NFT of the artist Beetle sold for almost $70 million in March, and according to dapparadar.com, more than $300 million worth of NFT’s have been traded in the past 30 days. 

The top marketplace is NBA Top Shot, with CryptoPunks and Rarible following. 

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