What Keeps CEO’s Up At Night? A New Study Ranks The Biggest External Concerns In 2021 For U.S. And Global Business Leaders.

The world on January 14, 2021 looks, feels, and is a whole lot different than it was on January 14, 2020. The past 10 months have affected every single American’s lives at home and work, and even more upheaval is coming with a new president set to take office in six days.

CEO’s of companies around the world were polled to find out what their No. 1 external concern was heading into 2021, and the results released Wednesday show that at the top of the list is COVID-19.

The annual C-Suite Challenge survey found that recession ranks as the second biggest concern, followed by vaccine availability.

Rebecca Ray, EVP of human capital at The Conference Board said in a statement that ”in 2021, a hybrid model with a mix of onsite and remote workers will likely be the new norm. In this environment, as new employees join teams and have little personal contact with existing team members, leaders will need to ensure that all have a sense of belonging.

Organizations should take a hard pause to ask themselves: Is the culture we had – and, perhaps, want to preserve – the right culture for this new environment?”

Digging deeper into the data, the second biggest concern for U.S. CEO’s was vaccine distribution. It’s interesting to note that in 2020, regulation and tax concerns was only the 14th biggest worry for U.S. CEO’s, but with Joe Biden and a Democratic House and Senate set to take office, American CEO’s say taxes are now their 5th biggest worry in 2021.

The No. 1 inertial concern for CEO’s around the world is the same; the accelerated pace of the digital transformation.

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