What A Riot! Another Night, Another Uprising Of Violence And Troubling Images From Portland, NYC, MPLS And Other Cities.

A protester lights an American flag on fire during a demonstration Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Rioting, violence and attacks on police continued around the country and actually increased after a relatively quiet Election Night. New York City and Portland, Ore., were two of the cities that did experience vandalism and protests in the hours following election voting. Wednesday, they were among the cities once again dealing with riots and violence.

The NYPD announced they made around 50 arrests related to protests in New York City and confiscated several weapons, a stun gun and explosives. Portland police declared a riot in the city as the Oregon National Guard had to be activated in response to widespread violence and destruction in the city. Police ended up arresting at least 11 in connection with the rioting.

In Minneapolis, the Minnesota State Patrol was called upon to deal with a large number of protestors who marched onto Interstate 94. The official MN State Patrol twitter account detailed how they handled the situation: “State Patrol troopers and Minneapolis police cited and released 646 people for being a pedestrian on a freeway and public nuisance following a protest that began on city streets in Minneapolis and continued onto I-94 near Riverside Avenue. Six vehicles were also towed.” In a subsequent tweet, the Minnesota State Patrol said that “No force or chemicals were used & no protestors or law enforcement were injured.”

Denver also dealt with escalating protests as police deployed pepper balls and clashed with protesters who were setting fires in the streets of downtown Denver.

With the results of the election still hanging in the balance, police around the country are preparing for the social unrest, protests and riots to continue.

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