Pro FootBrawl. Washington Football Team Proves It’s Actually Good At One Thing; Fighting Amongst Themselves.

The Washington Football Team is good at one thing it seems; being an embarrassment. 

If their play on the field isn’t comical or pathetic enough, their goofball owner Daniel Snyder fills in the gap with his bizarre style of running his team.

This franchise is so inept; it doesn’t even have a proper nickname.  So would it surprise you to hear two dimwitted teammates decided to throw down on the sideline in the middle of their game with the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football?

The Cowboys were laying the smackdown on the Washington Football Team, humiliating their rivals in every way possible. After another Dallas score, defensive linemen Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen were sitting on the bench, arguing with each other.  Payne poked him in the head, and after that, it was on, as Allen came back at his teammate with fists flying. 

After the scuffle, they went back on the field together and, along with the rest of the defense showed less interest in fighting the Cowboys, or tackling them, as they did in fighting with themselves. 

Here’s what Payne said after the game.  “It was just a little brotherly disagreement, maybe the wrong place, wrong time, but it happened. It is what it is. You got brothers, you all fight with them. S*** happens.”

Well, sorry, Daron, it actually doesn’t “happen” on good teams.  It’s usually confined to dumpster fires which the 2021 Washington Football Team has proven they are. 

Oh, Dallas won the game 56-14. 

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