Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Is The World’s Most Admired Leader. Which Means People Want To Dress Like Him.

(Oficina de Prensa de la Presidencia de Ucrania vía AP)

As horrific, brutal, and sad as the Russian invasion has been, the world has certainly responded to the strength and leadership of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.  He has become one of, if not the most admired leader in the world since the invasion began in late February, and every public move or appearance he makes is scrutinized. 

Even the clothing he wears brings great public interest. He dresses as a “normal” person, according to an Insider story that quoted the U.S. manager of a company called M-TAC, which produces the signature olive green fleece jackets Zelensky wears regularly. 

Taras Rudnytskyi said he’s bombarded by requests for the zip-up jacket, taking queries from around the globe, saying the demand for that particular garment is off the charts. 

Rudnytskyi’s company is based in Ukraine. Ever since the war began, they have prioritized producing their garments for the Ukrainian military exclusively, meaning they don’t have the product to fill the orders from people who want the same jacket as the President.

One of the jackets Zelensky wore was auctioned off at an event in London by the Ukrainian Embassy and brought in $110,000.

Rudnytskyi said the products his company produces are fractional and functional and ideal for military missions.  And Zelensky’s fame has created a demand that will take months or years to fill. 

“Zelensky now is like a rockstar. We hope to restock it someday, maybe after our victory. Right now, it’s impossible.”

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