How About A Round Of Shots? COVID Vaccine Not Required For Millions Of Uber Drivers The CEO Says.

It’s hard to read a story about a company on a daily basis that is NOT requiring all employees to be vaccinated. 

CNN made news Thursday when they fired three employees for entering the New York offices unvaccinated. 

But low and behold, there is one mammoth brand that has told millions of their workers they don’t have to get a COVID shot. 

It’s Uber, and CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told CNBC Friday that he will not require all drivers and riders to be vaccinated. It’s a different story for the corporate employees of the ride share giant based in San Francisco. 

“White collar workers, you’re spending time together in an office eight hours a day, 10 hours a day. Based on the [Delta] variant and the health concerns there it was an easy call in terms of coming back to the office.”

She went on to say that “over 100 million riders and drivers constantly moving around together on a monthly basis” are not required to be vaccinated because they are not working in big groups. 

Another issue she would have if he even tried to enforce mandatory vaccinations for driving would be enforcement. How would Uber truly know?

“It would only be fair to require vaccines for both riders and drivers.  To put that responsibility, that kind of decision making power on a company, I don’t think is right.”

If you’ve taken an Uber lately you know they make it mandatory to wear masks.  

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