Tyson’s Fury. Iron Mike Ticked Off At Hulu For Unauthorized Biography Series.

FILE - In this Aug. 2, 2019, file photo, Mike Tyson attends a celebrity golf tournament in Dana Point, Calif. Hulu on Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021, announced it has ordered “Iron Mike,” a limited series about the life of boxing great Mike Tyson. (Photo by Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP, File)

Mike Tyson is mad at Hulu. Actually, that would be a bit of an understatement. Hulu better hope Iron Mike doesn’t walk into their corporate headquarters in black shorts, black shoes, and no socks because some weasel executive would get seriously hurt. 

Hulu has an upcoming limited series chronicling his life in and out of the ring. It’s called “Mike,” and it debuts on August 25. 

The former boxing champ did not authorize it.  He does not approve.  He did not get paid, and he’s extremely ticked off. 

Here’s part of an Instagram post. 

“Don’t let Hulu fool you. I don’t support their story about my life. It’s not 1822. It’s 2022. They stole my life story and didn’t pay me. To Hulu executives, I’m just a [N-word] they can sell on the auction block.”

He then switched to Twitter and pounded Hulu with a couple of tweeted haymakers. 

“Hulu’s model of stealing life rights of celebrities is egregiously greedy. Hulu stole my story. They’re Goliath, and I’m David. Heads will roll for this.”

The EP’s for the project are Steven Rogers and Karin Gist, and here’s what Rogers said regarding Tyson being on the warpath at the Television Critics Association this week.

“We actually couldn’t talk to him because his life rights were already taken, so that was never on the table. I would hope that if he watches it that he would change his opinion.” 

Don’t count on it. 

Hulu ordered the series in February 2021, and Tyson was so annoyed back then that he commissioned his own “authorized story” that would star Jamie Foxx as Tyson. Martin Scorsese is involved in the project as a producer. 

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