Two Cargo Handlers At LAX Discover Gold! The Problem Is It Belonged To A Bank, And Now They Are Facing 15 Years In Prison.

FILE - In this Tuesday, July 22, 2014, file photo, gold bars are stacked in a vault at the United States Mint, in West Point, N.Y. Over the last year the prices of metals have surged, and experts say they might stay high for a while. But getting in on those gains as an investor can be a challenge. (AP Photo/Mike Groll, File)

File this under the category of “very poor spur of the moment decision making.”

To cargo handlers at LAX in Los Angeles have been arrested for helping themselves to a few items of cargo that was part of a bigger shipment. The problem for Marlon Moody and Brain Benson is the items were gold bars, and now both guy shave been charged with conspiracy along with theft of interstate and foreign shipment. 

Here’s how the heist apparently went town according to the jury indictment filed earlier this week. 

Moody and Benson were working for a Miami-based company that handles airline cargo at. 13 airports around the country, including LAX. Back on April 22, 2020, a shipment of 2,000 gold bars that weighted two pounds each and were valued at $56,000 apiece arrived at LAX on a Singapore Airlines flight. 

The gold was taken off the plate and sent to the on-site cargo warehouse where it was supposed to be safe and sound. 

However, an inventory later that evening revealed that 25 of those valuable gold bars were gone. The next morning, Moody could have been a hero, because he found the lost box heart the warehouse and put the box on a belt loader. Sometime during the transport of that box of gold bars, Moody helped himself to a couple. 

Benson then picked up Moody in a company van and the two began texting each other about the gold because there were co-workers with them in the truck. 

Later that day, prosecutors said the pair met up at a parking lot, where Moody gave Benson one of the gold bars. That left three for Moody, and he allegedly gave one to a relative and buried a couple in his back yard. 

If convicted on all charges, the two are looking at up to 15 years in prison. 

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