Twitter Execs Not Fans of Their Most Famous & Loyal User. A Peek At Tweets Quite Telling

FILE - This combination of photos shows logos for social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter moved quickly this week to limit the spread of a disputed tabloid story promising new twists in the saga of Joe Biden’s relationship with Ukraine. President Donald Trump's campaign quickly seized on the story in the New York Post — but the report raised more questions than answers, including about the authenticity of an email at the center of the story. Wednesday morning Oct. 14, 2020, hours after the story's publication, a Facebook spokesman tweeted that the company was limiting its distribution on the platform.(AP Photo/File)

Twitter and Facebook found themselves in the middle of a firestorm this week after censoring a New York Post story linking Joe and Hunter Biden to a Ukrainian energy company consultant. The move has prompted many to take a closer look at the social networks, and from the top down, their feelings toward President Donald Trump are pretty clear.

In analyzing financial contributions, according to data by, Facebook and Twitter employees have so far donated $2.7 million to Democrats while donating $222,000 to Republicans — a 90% difference.

A New York Post review of Twitter’s top execs’ accounts revealed that their top employees are not shy in sharing their disdain for the person currently residing in the White House.

The Post referenced tweets from senior execs calling Trump “a f—ing idiot” and referring to the voters who elected him as “hysterically f—ing stupid people.” In a tweet during the October 7 vice presidential debate, a Twitter vice president in sales finance noted that flies are “drawn to sh-t”, referring to the fly that had landed in Vice President Mike Pence’s hair.

The list of tweets from more than a dozen top execs also included calls of “GET HIM OUT” and “Trump must be defeated” among numerous examples of their disdain and even hate for the president.

The Senate is planning a Tuesday vote to subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to appear on Capitol Hill to answer questions about the company’s response to the New York Post story. Both Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Dorsey are already scheduled to appear before the Senate Commerce Committee on Oct. 28 for a previously scheduled hearing.

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