Trump Card? Big Crowds At Polls Tuesday Could Help One Candidate More.

President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Kenosha Regional Airport, Monday, Nov. 2, 2020, in Kenosha, Wis. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

A rush of people to the polls is exactly what team Trump is hoping for as they see a big turnout translating into a re-election. Close to 100 million people have already voted in this year’s election, and Republican leadership feels the Democrats have lost momentum towards a Biden win because data shows Republicans turn out in bigger numbers on Election Day.

 Trump campaign pollster John McLaughlin was on “Greg Kelly Reports” on Newsmax TV on Monday and said that as long as Republicans turn out on Tuesday, Trump has the numbers to win re-election. “It’s a very important day. The Biden vote is out there. It’s kind of petered out. [Tuesday] we have to bring our vote out to win this election. And that’s the most important thing. With a good turnout, we’re going to win.”

McLaughlin also said the excitement for Trump has Democrats on their heels, “They’re afraid of the momentum–the president has great momentum ever since the last debate. He’s got the Democrats on defense. You look at Joe Biden, he’s on defense on his family’s corruption; he’s been exposed for a $4 trillion tax hike; he’s now out there saying he didn’t mean it when he said he was going to eliminate fracking and millions of jobs in the oil industry.”

The momentum McLaughlin was referring to is in reference to early voting, where he says early surges by the Democrats have been virtually wiped away as Election Day is now here. “So, the polls have closed dramatically when you’re looking at the key states, and it’s being borne out by the votes, the actual votes. Almost 100 million people have voted now, and the Republicans have surged in the last week, where the Democrat lead has evaporated in Florida. In Texas, the Republicans already have 6% more of the votes that have already been cast.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Democrat strategists have talked throughout the election season about needing to build large leads in early voting to counteract a Republican surge of voters on Election Day. The fact that those leads are not there, has the Trump campaign excited and Team Biden concerned about the potential for large crowds at the polls.

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