Trump And Biden Battle For Florida Electoral Votes In Tampa Thursday.

Tampa, Florida, will be a hot bed of political activity today as President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden are set to hold dueling rallies.

The president will take the stage first at an afternoon rally outside the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Raymond James Stadium. Former vice president Joe Biden will follow with another one of his socially distanced drive-in car rallies this evening.

The state of Florida has 29 electoral votes up for grabs and is traditionally the largest battleground state. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton four years ago there by 1 point.

President Trump may get an early voting boost from his rally as Raymond James Stadium is a site for in-person early voting. By law, campaigning isn’t allowed within 150 feet of a polling location, but the rally will be held in the north parking lot of the stadium, which technically will place it just beyond the no-electioneering zone. The Trump Campaign will most likely be encouraging voters to cast their ballot before or after the rally.

Close to 7 million voters in Florida have already voted, and early on, the Democrats had jumped out to a 2-1 advantage in early ballots cast. But in the last week, Republicans have closed that gap significantly.

As of today, approximately 2.8 million Democrats and 2.6 million Republicans have voted, and those who claim no party affiliation in Florida have cast around 1.4 million votes up to this point. It’s also interesting to note that close to 50% of registered voters in Florida have voted within five days to go before Election Day. 

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