Hard Tryer! Rap Star Travis Scott Launches A Hard Seltzer And It Sold Out Immediately.

If it were possible to purchase stock in the future business success of any young child,  I would bet the house on Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s 3-year old Stormi.

I mean come on, mom is a self-made, almost billionaire, and daddy is no slouch in the branding department either. 

In fact, Scott is a bona fide business mogul, and with the launch of his new product, an agave seltzer called Cacti, he has another lucrative revenue stream coming his way. 

He partnered with the powerhouse AB InBev, and the product sold out the first day it was available. 

The marketing VP at AB InBev’s Beyond Beer unit told said in a story on Retail Brew that this was not your ordinary celeb collab. Lana Buchanan said Scott worked with her team on “everything from liquid creation to creative and marketing.”

There has been a huge surge in hard seltzer.  Michelob Ultra and Bud Light both have seltzers, two of a total of 65 or so  brands available  now in stores, which is 40 more than what was available just two years ago.

Props to Travis Scott.  While celebrity versions of hard liquor are nothing new, most are new tequila or some form of whiskey, but Scott moved quickly to get into the hard seltzer space, and Stormi’s daddy is most likely going to crush it.

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