Check Please. The IRS Has Made It Easy To Track Your $1,400 Stimulus Payment.

If you are wondering if and when you will be receiving your stimulus check after President Biden officially signed the $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill into law, the IRS has made it fairly easy to do so. 

They created an online tracking tool called “Get My Payment,” and all it takes is to click on the link and people that are eligible for the payment will be able to follow the timing of it. 

This round of direct payments to Americans will be $.1,400 for each eligible individual and another $1,400 per dependent. 

The IRS will be sending out the third round of payments based on the info they have. You won’t be able to provide any new banking info or mailing address. 

The tracking tool requires three pieces of information you need to provide, including Social Security number or Tax ID Number, date of birth and mailing address. 

If you expect the payment to be made via direct deposit, the tool when inform users when it is expected to be made, as well as the bank account it will be deposited into. 

Watch for a message that say “Payment Status No Available.” If that pops up, the IRS most likely has not processed your payment yet, or you may not be eligible for this round of the $1,400 payment. 

The other reasons the tracking tool would not work is if you did not file a tax return, did not use the “Non-Filers” tool which allowed users to provide banking info, or the IRS simply doesn’t have enough info on you in their files. 

Here is the link:

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