Touchpoint’s Air Races Jet into the Metaverse!

The world is changing before our eyes, and the changes we’re all experiencing aren’t subtle.

The next Picasso you purchase for your fabulous art collection could very well be an NFT. If you attend a symphony, rock concert, or music festival in the near future, it might be in the metaverse, and you might be in your pajamas. For sports fans, Grand Prix races have long coupled sexy jet-setting crowds with exotic global destinations that host the high-stakes, high-speed galas featuring world-famous adrenaline junkies racing at over 200 mph through the heart of a city.

Imagine experiencing the same thrills and action in glamorous destinations like Monte Carlo, Barcelona, and Abu Dhabi as Grand Prix racing has provided for decades, but instead of looking straight ahead as a spectator; your eyes gaze upward, as airplanes, JetPack racers, and soon Speeders (think flying motorcycles!) streak through the sky in the most futuristic way imaginable.

It’s called by the company that owns the Air Race World Championship “the fastest motorsport on the planet,” and on top of that claim, it would be accurate to call it the most unique as well.

Touchpoint Group Holdings (a publicly-traded company OTCQB: TGHI) with their subsidiary Air Race Limited has taken what was previously known as the Red Bull Air Race and shaped it into a global sporting event that focuses on future tech, innovation, clean energy, and spectator experiences.

Oh, incredible thrills and action too.

“Our team at Touchpoint has been working incredibly hard, and I couldn’t be happier with what we are building,” Touchpoint CTO Spencer Cliff said. “The Air Race is set to be an all-encompassing global phenomenon, both virtually and physically. With the metaverse and blockchain technology rapidly evolving, giving us unique opportunities to expand our brand. You’ll be able to see this in the form of new ultra-realistic flight simulation games. In addition to the Air Races, we plan to host esports events, ushering in the next generation of pilots. We plan to reward top competitors with NFTs that will grant them real-world access to our live events and to actually meet their heroes in person.”

Luxurious destinations in Europe, Asia, The Americas, and other spots worldwide are becoming motivated by the opportunity to host the Air Race. In the past, Air Race events have generated hundreds of thousands of well-heeled crowds generating millions of dollars of revenue for host cities and businesses. Just imagine how many people will descend on these cities with the addition of JetPacks and Speeders.

Cliff has seen a simulation of what these races will be like for fans who will attend them in person, and he was completely blown away.

“Having gone to visit the JetPack Aviation testing headquarters and getting to see what they have in store for this year’s Air Race was truly remarkable. It’s difficult to put into words just how mind-boggling the JetPacks are in person; your brain can barely comprehend what your eyes are seeing. The JetPack team was kind enough to show me prototypes as well for what they have in store for future years, and I truly feel these products will change the world.”

Boldly proclaiming a mission to become the Formula One of the skies, Touchpoint has set the season opener for the 2022 Air Race for July, with six air races currently scheduled to take place this year. The JetPack racers will join the traditional air race pilots later in the season.

Elite JetPack race teams are being established, with potential owners and sponsors lining up to participate in this amazing competition. Traditional open-wheel racer Marko Radisic, a European native who now calls Sarasota, Florida home, is one of many dreamers hoping to be part of this next generation of adrenaline thrill-seeking competitors.

So, if you’re anywhere near the west coast of Florida in the coming months, take a gander towards the heavens.  You might see Radisic preparing for what’s in store if he is “Lucky” enough to strap on a JetPack for actual competition later this year.

“Racing cars is in my blood. Now at the age of 50, I hope to get to experience something entirely new by strapping on a JetPack and having a little fun in the open air. I’m sure there are many similarities between racing cars and flying through the air with a JetPack strapped to my back in terms of finding ways to drive or fly in a straight line.  The whole idea is to maximize the straight and limit the turns and be as fast as you can that way.  It’s very exciting for me to try something completely new at the age of 50.”

The excitement Radisic speaks of will be felt on the ground as well.  Red Bull welcomed over 24 million spectators to the events prior to Touchpoint acquiring the race series.  The suspense and drama of witnessing humans risk their lives will add to the opulent party atmosphere that Touchpoint aims to create with their personal touch as they upgrade the exciting experience Red Bull provided.

Successful auto racers with the need for speed, like Radisic (who owns the world record for endurance karting after logging 982 miles in 24 hours) will undoubtedly be racing to put on a Jet Pack, just for the sheer novelty of the sport.

“When I mentioned the fact I was going to start doing this to my kids and lady partner, they already thought I was crazy.  But when I explained the details of the JetPack and racing through the sky, everyone’s like ‘you’re f-&*%#@  crazy.’”

There’s no way to overstate the rush these racers will experience as they fly through the sky like a real-life Iron Man or superhero. For most humans, the mere idea of taking off from where you stand then vertically flying through the air is pure lunacy.

Touchpoint is planning on making it mainstream. With six host cities on the docket for this year, they intend to double that by 2024, with revenues eclipsing $100 million and attractive returns for investors.

The world is changing before our eyes. And for a group of fearless thrill-seekers who will soon be racing through the sky wearing 30-pound JetPacks, they will be watching it change from a vantage point nobody in the history of the planet has experienced before.

For Touchpoint Inquiries: [email protected] and follow their Twitter account.

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