Tom Brady Breaks Something Other Than An NFL Passing Record.  Star QB Warned About Smashing Microsoft Surface Tablet In Anger. 

Tom Brady likes throwing things.  He’s tossed an all-time NFL record 618 touchdown passes, which is a good thing. 

He also almost tossed the Lombardi Trophy into the water during February’s Tampa Bay Bucs’ Super Bowl celebration.

And in a game a couple of weeks ago, he threw a Microsoft Surface tablet to the ground in disgust as the Saints were shutting out his team.  Because he damaged that tablet, the NFL is now formally warning Brady, telling him he could be disciplined if it happens again. 

Here’s how Brady summed it up on his “Let’s Go” podcast. 

“I’ve thrown a few electronic things in my day, as recently as the last couple weeks, so I’m sorry, I apologize. I did get a warning from the NFL on that though, so I won’t throw another Surface.”

The NFL is protective of their tablets because The Surface took the tile of the league’s official table in 2013.  Microsoft reportedly paid the NFL $400 million for that honor in 2020. 

Over 2,000 tablets are circulated amongst the 32 teams in the NFL.  Well, there’s actually one fewer now that Brady destroyed one. 

Brady is brilliant in business, as he is on the football field.  And he feels he did Microsoft a favor by destroying one, with all the free publicity he brought them. 

“I think it was pretty good marketing for the Surface at the end of the day. I think it worked out pretty well for them.”

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