I’ll Have A TB12 Inch Turkey On Whole Wheat? Tom Brady To Appear In Subway Ad Even Though He’s Never Been To One.

There are a lot of celebrities that will only endorse a product if they use it, love it, or at least can fake one of those two things very well. 

Put Tom Brady in the third category. 

The NFL uber star is appearing in a commercial for the sandwich chain Subway, which is interesting, because according to a report in Sports Business Journal, Brady has never eaten a Subway sandwich or stepped foot in one of their 24,00 plus stores. 

Brady has made it very well known that his diet is iron clad, with no room for any type of variation outside of a scoop of avocado ice cream on a cheat day. (Clearly, Brady has no idea how a cheat day works.)

Appearing in a Subway ad is something TB12 now has in common with his old coach Bill Belichick. Do you remember the thrilling spot the Pat’s coach was in last year? It was as exciting as a pair of beige slacks. 

The Patriots and Bucs play each other on the field this year. When Brady and Bellichick chat before the game, they can exchange acting tips. 

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