Brown Out! Very Mixed Reactions To The Latest Bizarre Meltdown By NFL Star Antonio Brown.

For followers of the NFL, most knew it was only a matter of time before star wide receiver Antonio Brown would have some sort of meltdown and cost himself another opportunity with a team that was on pace to win another Super Bowl potentially. 

It happened in dramatic fashion Sunday when Brown literally quit in the middle of the game.  After refusing to re-enter the contest because of a sore ankle, Brown became agitated, took off his shoulder pads, gloves, jersey, and t-shirt, and walked off the field and into the locker room. 

It was one of the more bizarre moments in NFL history.  After the game, Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians was extremely irked and said that Brown was no longer part of the team, and he had to fly himself back to Florida. 

The reactions to Brown’s latest antics were interesting.  Twitter was on fire, and even O.J. Simpson jumped in to give his opinion, saying: “Playoffs are coming up. And you pull this crap on a guy who really went out on a limb for you? It’s total B.S. Inexcusable.”

The most interesting reaction came from the most accomplished player in NFL history; Brown’s teammate and quarterback Tom Brady.  The GOAT said it was important to show empathy and compassion for the troubled athlete.  

“I think everybody should hopefully do what they can to help him in ways that he really needs it. We all love him. We care about him deeply. We want to see him be at his best.”

Brown’s track record has not been great.  He once broadcast on Facebook Live a postgame talk from his coach when he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He was cut from the New England Patriots after playing just one game there.  And he had an epic fallout with the Raiders before playing a single game with them after signing a big contract. 

Earlier this year, he was suspended for lying about his COVID-19 vaccination status. 

Brady is not only the best player in the NFL, but he’s also probably the wisest, and he added these thoughts after leading his team to a last-second win over the Jets without Brown. 

“Unfortunately he can’t be with our team but we have a lot of friendships that will last. Again I think the most important things about football are the relationships with your friends and your teammates, and they go beyond the field. I think everyone should be very compassionate and empathetic with some difficult things that are happening.”

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