Let’s Make A Deal! There’s No Annual Event That Attracts More Tech And Entertainment “Players” Then A Weekend Retreat Set In Sun Valley, Idaho.

There’s a summer camp in Idaho that sat idle last year because of the pandemic, but it will be welcoming the most powerful and wealthy people in the entertainment and tech world again in July, 

It’s the Allen & Co’s annual event in Sun Valley, which is home for a few days for tech and media moguls looking to have fun, let loose, and broker deals. 

The camp is legendary, and welcomes bosses who can green light almost any deal they want on the spot.  Want some examples? It was here where Walt Disney acquired CapCities/ABC.  The AOL-Time Warner merger that turned out to be a disaster was consummated here, and it’s here where Google put in place the deal to takeover YouTube. 

The event typically starts on the fourth of July weekend, though the exact dates of this year’s gathering has not been made public. 

Back in 2019, big name titans that made the trip included Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg, Shari Redstone of Viacom and IAC chairman Barry Diller. 

The reason the big boys (and girls) show up is because most oversee big content houses and streaming services, and IP is what they are all seeking. Generally some big name political stars show up as well, and if one of the major players could green light a documentary based on the long weekend it would be must see TV for everyone in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street and DC. 

While most of the details are kept secret, here’s something that’s virtually guaranteed.  There won’t be a weekend all year in Idaho that will have as many private jets parked in one place. 

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