Apple CEO Tim Cook Takes Precaution. Stalker Forces Apple Maps To Place A Secret Invisible Wall Around His House. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook is one of the most successful businessmen on the planet. There are many perks that come his way because of that, but it also brings in hidden dangers. 

In his case, a bona fide stalker whom Cook has attained a restraining order to protect himself against. 

He’s taking other precautions too; His four-bedroom condo in Palo Alto, California, has been blurred in Apple Maps’ Look Around feature.  The vehicles in front have been blocked out too. 

Google Maps Street View did the same thing on their app. 

The reality distortion field will hopefully prevent his stalker, 45-year old Julia Lee Choi, from continuing to harass him. She drove 2,800 miles from McClean, Virginia, to Palo Alto to reportedly try and break into his home. 

She said she just wanted to speak to Cook.  The cops told Cook “she could be violent” when they met with the CEO. 

The restraining order prevents her from getting within 200 yards of Cook, his home, Apple property, or any Apple employee. 

His lawyer says she has sent Cook over 200 threatening and erratic emails.   Many of the emails she sent are sexual in nature, and quite frankly, they are incredibly creepy. 

Here’s one. 

“My husband, I am not cleaning, cooking, I am just waiting for my husband! My heart is tingling.”

She also demanded $500 million in cash from Cook and called him the father of her twins. 

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