Bad Videos Will Only Be Worse! Tik Tok Ups Limit For Video Length Increases To Three-Minutes.

They aren’t exactly changing their business model to house documentaries or full length features, but Tik Tok made a big and bold move by rolling out the ability for people who use their app to publish videos three times as long as the existing one-minute length. 

Content creators now have three minutes to try to make viewers laugh, cry, or throw their phone out the window. It will allow creators to be able to limit thinned for multi-part posts.

The three-minute vids have been in testing for the past eight months, so you may have seen longer videos this year but now everyone will have the longer limits as Tik Tok takes the next few weeks to roll it out universally. 

Some experts have speculated that Tik Tok might be trying to emulate YouTube, who’s algorithm is skewed for viewer retention, which is why videos on YouTube are almost all over 10 minutes in length or more. 

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