Tiger Woods Enters The NFT Game. Digital Pictures Of The Golf Icon Go On Sale Tuesday.

Tiger Woods has made more news from crashing his SUV and suffering horrific injuries than he has playing golf. 

While dealing with months and months of healing and rehabilitation, Tiger has found another way to make money as his golf clubs collect dust in his garage; by selling NFT’s. 

The golf legend is partnering with another legend, Tom Brady, who is part of the Autograph NFT platform, and Tiger’s NFT’s will be sold exclusively on DraftKings Marketplace. 

Tiger’s collection of NFT’s will feature thousands of his digital collectibles and go on sale starting Tuesday. 

His first collection of offerings includes 10,000 digital pictures of Tiger. 

The prices will range from $12 to $100. 

If you want an NFT with Tiger’s autograph, only 300 of those are available and prices range from $250 to $1,500.

This is a major trend for iconic sports stars.  Other mega stars who have entered the NFT game include Wayne Gretzky, Derek Jeter and Tony Hawk. 

Here’s what Tiger said about his association with Autograph. 

“Autograph’s team is at the forefront of digital collectibles and enhancing the fan experience around NFTs, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the new era of collecting. It will enable me to grow closer to my fan base and I’m looking forward to seeing that all fans have the opportunity to participate.”

Brady co-founded Autograph, in a collaboration with Upper Deck. 

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