Tiger Is Out Of The Woods When It Comes To Criminal Charges For Car Accident. LA County Sheriff Reveals The Sole Cause Of Crash.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office revealed their findings from Tiger Wood’s car accident in February, and the cause of the accident is do to one thing. 

Excessive speed. The investigation showed that Woods was flying down a stretch of road in Rancho Palos Verdes as he left the Terranea Hotel and Resort, traveling between 84 and 87 mph in a section that had a speed limit of 45 mph. 

When Woods car crashed int a tree, he was going 75 mph. 

The Sheriff’s office has taken heat for not conducting a blood test to see if Woods had been impaired at the time of the accident, and Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Wood swill not face any charges from the accident, saying it was solely because of excessive speed and Woods’ loss of control of the vehicle. 

Local residents have long said this stretch of road was extremely dangerous, and there was even an emergency exit for runaway vehicles located just past the area that Woods crashed his SUV on February 23. 

Woods has said that he did not even remember driving the vehicle, let alone how the accident happened.  According to authorities there was no evidence that Woods was under the influence of anything when they rescued him. 

The accident caused multiple fractures and serious leg injuries that potentially could put an end to the PGA star’s incredible career.  He is in Florida recuperating after spending over three weeks in Los Angeles hospitals. 

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