Throwback To The 90’s. One Big Investment Bank Believes Investment Opportunities In The Metaverse Are Similar To The Days Of Early Internet.

If you still aren’t familiar with the metaverse, you’re going to have ample opportunity to get caught up because it is here to stay.  And it is getting bigger. 

Wall Street is as excited about its potential as anyone, and the investment bank Jeffries is as fired up as anyone. 

Their head of thematic research, Simon Powell, chatted with CNBC. He said the investment opportunities in the metaverse are similar to the early days of the Internet. 

“The way to think about it is [that] all human activity that hasn’t moved online is about to move online in the next five to 10 years. We can only imagine what it can be.”

Powell took it further than that.  His bank recently released a research note that described the metaverse as the most significant disruption to how people live. 

As in ever. 

Powell’s advice for investors is to be thinking as if this is the days of the early internet and concentrate on opportunities with hardware providers.  Next, look for opportunities with software providers, and finally, seek out companies that operate inside the technology. 

Powell said that chipmakers, including Nvidia and AMD, and the companies that deal with the infrastructure could be good opportunities. 

Even though Facebook has officially changed its name to Meta, Powell said it is too early to tell if Zuck and company are going to dominate the metaverse. 

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