This Buc Wants To Make A Few Bucks On Crypto. Tom Brady Spending More Time Talking Bitcoin Than Football.

That talented “laser eyes” quarterback Tom Brady, the seven-time Super Bowl champion and very likely a pretty big bitcoin investor, doesn’t miss much.

A pointed reference – some would say it’s becoming a tired reference – to Brady’s alleged role in “Deflategate” while with the New England Patriots drew his ire, or at least a smirk. 

The tweet was from Barstool Sports’ “PFT Commenter,” who, with a photo of Brady’s new laser eyes Twitter profile picture, wrote: 

“Tom Brady just feels a little more comfortble when his crypto investments are a little on the deflated side” (and yes, the word “comfortable” is misspelled).

Deflategate was a controversy in the NFL about the Patriots intentionally having footballs deflated to gain an advantage in the 2014 AFC title game. Brady ultimately served a four-game suspension.

Brady replied: “SMH…I’ve seen better from you PFT. Over here we just buy the dip!”

The notoriously unpredictable cryptocurrency market plunged this week, leaving bitcoin at a three-month low. Thursday, though, it had rallied from an overnight $35,253 to more than $40,000 by noon ET.

Brady, confident as ever, appears to be, uh, comfortable in doubling down.

When Brady changed his profile picture to the one with laser eyes, a quick connection was made because it’s a common theme among those in the crypto Twitter community. 

Jason Yanowitz, the co-founder of Blockworks, tweeted just before the change that Brady was rumored to be “loading up on Bitcoin” and that he should change his profile picture to include laser eyes. 

It’s still not clear how much bitcoin – if any – Brady actually owns at this time.

Brady, though, is launching an NFT platform called Autograph, which is planned to bring together heavy hitters in sports and entertainment to create digital collectibles. 

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