“Alexa, Who Is The Woman Behind Your Voice?” A Voice Actor And Singer From Boulder, Colorado, According To A New Book.

She has one of the most famous, and mysterious voices on the planet. 

Men who’s requests to their wives are routinely ignored or denied, can speak to this mystery woman and find her  eager to answer almost any question and willing to make the inquisitors life easier. 

It’s “Alexa,” the voice behind Amazon’s cloud-based AI service, and it looks like Alexa will be anonymous no more. 

Journalist Brad Stone has a new book called “Amazon Unbound” coming out, and in it he reveals who the voice of Alexa belongs to; a voice actress and singer based in Colorado named Nina Rolle. 

Here’s a small excerpt from the book that will run in Wired Magazine. “Characteristically secretive, Amazon has never revealed the name of the voice artist behind Alexa. I learned her identity after canvasing the professional voice-over community: Boulder, Colorado-based voice actress and singer Nina Rolle.

“Her professional website contains links to old radio ads for products such as Mott’s Apple Juice and the Volkswagen Passat—and the warm timbre of Alexa’s voice is unmistakable. Rolle said she wasn’t allowed to talk to me when I reached her on the phone in February 2021. When I asked Amazon to speak with her, they declined.”

Rolle has been the voice of Alexa since Amazon launched Amazon Echo back in 2014. 

Somehow, someway, we’ve got to get her together in a room with the voice of Apple’s Siri. 

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