Your Cell Phone Case And Toilet Paper Is On Its Way! The Suez Canal Is 100% Open, As The Final Cargo Ships Caught In The Logjam Are Free.

Ever Given, a Panama-flagged cargo ship that is wedged across the Suez Canal and blocking traffic in the vital waterway is seen Sunday, March 28, 2021. The massive Ever Given, a Panama-flagged, Japanese-owned ship that carries cargo between Asia and Europe, got stuck Tuesday in a single-lane stretch of the canal. In the time since, authorities have been unable to remove the vessel and traffic through the canal has been halted,(AP Photo/Mohamed Elshahed)

After a chaotic week and a half, the logjam of cargo ships trying to get through Suez Canal have all cleared.  

The last 61 of the 422 ships that were caught in the massive backup passed through on Saturday. 

It will take a while until the International supply chains that were affected will be back to normal though.  The problems all started when the cargo ship Ever Given ran aground in the canal on March 23.  It took almost one full week of around the clock work by specialized rescue teams to finally free the giant ship. 

An investigation is now underway to try to determine what caused the big vessel  to essentially turn sideways in the canaal and get stuck. 

For six days the essential waterway that goes through North Africa had traffic blocked going both directions. 

The chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, Osama Rabie updated MBC Masr Television on the investigation.  “The investigation is going well and will take two more days, then we will announce the results.”

As for the Ever Given ship, it is sitting in the Great Bitter Lake, which is a large body of water located in the Suez Canal. 

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