The Rock Says Only One Jabroni Out-Worked Him In The Weight Room. Someone Who Went On To A Hall Of Fame NFL Career. 

Dwayne Johnson enjoys lifting weights almost as much as he likes telling people how much he likes to work out. 

All kidding aside, there are very, very few reps or workouts that The Rock has not posted to social media, and there is no questioning the fact he’s an absolute  beast in the gym. 

In fact, Johnson said there is only one other person he has come across who has out-worked him in the weight room.  Sorry Vin Diesel.  Apologies Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, it’s not you. 

The Rock shared a clip from his Young Rock show which outed the football teammate he had at the University of Miami who was even more driven with the iron.  Future Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Ray Lewis. 

Johnson wrote about it on Instagram – “I’ll always be extremely proud that he became the GOAT, and I became famous for rockin’ a fanny pack.”

Ray Lewis was a star linebacker for Miami, and The Rock was an oft-injured defensive lineman for the Hurricanes.  The Rock referenced the run-in he had in the Canes weight room when Lewis was a freshman, and the Rock was a senior.  

Here’s more from the Instagram post: ”Thru blood, sweat and iron-we bonded like brothers immediately and we LOVED pushing the hell outta each other in the weight room. Push each other beyond our pain thresholds to chase greatness.”

The clip that The Rock showed had Young Rock arriving to the weight room at 5 a.m. for his session, and Lewis was already there. 

Ray Lewis referred to them as the “break of dawn boys,” for their early morning workout sessions before the rest of the Canes showed up. 

The Rock and Ray Lewis.  The original Iron Men!

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